Thursday, May 7, 2009

Satisfying my Craving

Since yesterday I've been wanting to eat Starbucks Butterscotch Fudge Bar unfortunately I was not able to buy one because there's no more stock in the store. I opted instead for their Cinnamon Roll which is also good and yummy but my craving for that specific pastry didn't stop there.

A few minutes ago after I ate my packed lunch, the craving comes back again. This time I'm decided to have my hands on the butterscotch bar so I called the Starbucks store in Market, Market and asked for the Starbucks number here in Mckinley Hills. After which I hurriedly call them and asked if they have their butterscotch bar. The barista who answered the call was polite and nice. He told me to stay on the line while he checked the shelf. When he got back to me, he told me that they have two bars left.

Good thing that the Starbucks store happens to be in lower ground floor of our building and despite the windy and rainy weather I'm determined to buy the 2 butterscotch bars from them. And I was rewarded! The bars are still there and I immediately purchase them.

Right now I'm happily munching on one of the bars. The other bar, I'm going to bring it at home and share it with Hubby.

(Note: I'm not preggy if you're wondering why I crave this bar so much. Must be my tummy or my tongue that is starting to have a mind of its own...hehehe).
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