Monday, May 4, 2009

Reminiscing the Weekend

Can't believe that the 3 days of no work had gone by so quickly. Can't believe that it's Monday today. Sigh! I would love to stay in bed longer and doze off for a few more hours.

Anyways, last Friday hubby and I went to MOA for the Jobapalooza organized by the government. We arrived around 11:30am since Hubby insisted that we go there during lunchtime presuming that a few people will be there but he was wrong (just as I thought)! Regardless that it was almost lunch time, the line for job seekers is so long. When Hubby saw this he decided not to go on the job fair. So we ate lunch and wait for my brother whose planning to go to the Job fair. When he arrived he went to SMX to check out the line and his friends who are already there. When he returned, his friends are with him and they told me that the line is not moving for an hour and that will not give you an assurance that you will be able to go inside the building. In short, the agenda for that day is not successful. After meeting up with my brother, we just went home and called it a day.

On Saturday I woke up early for the follow-up checkup in Medical City. Also, Hubby will be having his urinalysis and ultrasound to check for any traces of kidney stone from last year (Neprolithiasis). As for the result of my checkup the cervical polyp is still there though it's not swelling anymore unlike before. The ob-gyne who checked on me asked me if they're still bleeding but I told her that I don't know since we don't have a contact for a month now. So she asked me to take again the suppository for 5 days. If the polyp is still there, the doctor will perform a biopsy on the polyp and then have it check by a pathology to find out its components. Hubby will be back this coming Saturday to the hospital for the ultrasound and the result of his urinalysis. Obviously I need to accompany him since he asked me to. We ate our late lunch on the food court of Medical City and after that we went straight to hear the anticipated mass in Don Bosco Makati.

On Sunday we just stayed at home to watch the fight of Pacman and Hitman...hehehe. It's a rest day for the two of us since we've been out most of the time last Friday and Saturday.

That wraps up our weekend! Ü

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