Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rain Proof

In just a few days the month of June is finally here and it only means one thing, rainy season is just around the corner.

I watched the news last week and according to our national weather bureau, summer is finally over. To end the season, two storms visited our country leaving wrecked homes and fatalities on the southern portion of Luzon (Bicol region to be exact). Obviously, that won't be the last storm that will visit Philippines this year. That's why some Filipinos take the time to fix their homes during summer in preparation for the wet season which starts from June till October. Since not all of them can afford a service of a Harrisburg Roofer, most of them will rely on their own workmanship to make sure that their homes are water proof for the coming typhoons in the next few months. Aside from that, the roofs should also be wind proof because more often than not a lot of them got carried amidst the weather turmoil.

Have to remind my aunt about the ceiling and roof that she have to fix at her house in Cavite. I think that should be included in her priority list once she arrived here in June.

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