Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So sorry if I was not able to post anything yesterday since I was busy catching up with my workload. Now I have a free time, here's the whole story of my frequent visits to an OB....

I know your all wondering what exactly is happening to me the past few days and why I have been in and out of Medical City.

As you all remember I was diagnosed with a cervical polyp last March 31st. It's not a tumor or a cyst. My OB told me that it measures 1cm and there's nothing for me to worry about. I've taken the medication needed for my polyps and if in case that the polyps still caused me to bleed after contact then she will just have to remove it either through cauterization or laser (if I remember correctly what she told me before). Then she advised me to go back to her after 6 months for a pap smear.

Last Thursday (May 21), it was my 2nd day of menstrual cycle. I was on my way to the restroom to change pads and to brush my teeth then suddenly I feel something came out of me. I was thinking it could be a blood clot which sometimes happens during my period but I have a gut feeling that it could be something else since I felt that it's bigger and more solid compared to a blood clot.

I hurriedly brush my teeth and went to a cubicle to investigate. To my surprise I found a tissue as big as a ten-peso coin (or a bit bigger) that is on my pad! It's not a blood clot since the color is different. It's purplish with flesh like color and tiny veins visible if you looked it closely. I didn't touched it and was debating if I have to pick it and store it in a container so I can bring it to my OB or if I just have to let it go with the pad in a trash bin. I opted for the second option but before I completely put it on a trash bin, I decided to take pictures of it instead so I can just show the photos to my OB instead of describing it verbally.

Off I went last May 22 to Medical City to tell my OB what happened on the rest room. When I showed her the photos, she was surprised and even told me that it looks like a placenta but she can't be sure. I on the other hand was mystified that how come it can be a placenta when I have my monthly period since the start of the year. Plus, Since March 31 I don't have any contact as per OB's advised because of my polyp’s medication.

That's when she asked me to take TVU/TVS to check if there's any mass that remains inside my uterus. After getting the result of the test (after waiting for 2 hours) it says on the paper that I had a fluid in the posterior culdesac and thickened endometrium. Uterus and ovaries are normal and that there's not any mass or cyst found inside of me. This happened last Monday afternoon.

Yesterday morning, Hubby and I went to the OB to present the result of TVU/TVS. Since my uterus is clean, she decided for me to take the B-HCG test in order for us to know if I did get pregnant over the past months (starting February). I posted about "false alarm" on my blog thinking I was pregnant on that month but then I got my period before February ends. The OB told me that it is possible that the "period" I had back then maybe in fact a bleeding or miscarriage. It's weird that I didn't feel any "strange" pain. I thought I was just having a normal menstruation.

So the truth about the tissue or mass that I found lies on the result of the B-HCG. I was told by the nurse yesterday that I can get the result today at 4pm but since I can't afford to take another half day, I will get the result on Saturday instead.

So there are a lot of possibilities presented to us by these events... but what if the conclusion of the OB which is the "Spontaneous Abortion" is not supported by the result of the B-HCG then what is the tissue (mass) that came out of me?


carlamaldita said...

hirap naman you have to wait pa till saturday..just keep the faith sis!

Amelia said...

whatever it is Jo. Stay safe and God bless you and your husband!cart

Anonymous said...

naku pati ako naging anxious sa magiging result...

Unknown said...

Thanks mga sisses :)

@ Carla: Whatever is the finding, okay lang sakin. I believe that there's a reason for everything.

@ Amy: Thanks po. Hopefully I can still get pregant :)

@ Thet: Di ba sis wala sa mga sinabi mo na spotting or preggy?! Hehehe. Kakaiba talaga.

Ms. Latina said...

I had my cycle with my first son for four months so it is possible and bled every once in awhile for both of my boys. Hope all is well and that you can get pregnant also. Be Well and have faith you are right when you say it all happens for a reason. He's never wrong- Praying for you!

Thank you for passing by my blog!
Latina On a Mission

Unknown said...

@ Ms. Latina: Really? I can't believe that it's possible. I'm sure it all means it's not the right time for us to have a baby. I'm keeping my faith! I'm still hopeful :)

jan celiz-magtoto said...

hey joanne. i haven't ben bloghopping the past 3 months. i didn't even know you were going through tough stuff. i hope all will turn out well for you & randjei.

Llyresh said...

hey, keep praying and all in God's time! I also have a cousin who has her period even if she was pregnant then so she was even able to keep her situation secret until the last month. I don't know lang 'til when sya nag-bleed but weird diba?!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jan and Sheryll :)

I know we will have our own bundle of joy in due time ;)

@ Sheryll : Weird talaga na it's possible. I'm lucky that walang naiwan sa loob at kusang lumabas