Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pest Control

We will definitely need to avail a service like the Atlanta Pest Control for the ants and cockroaches that keeps on popping in our laundry area and bathroom regardless of how many times you sprayed an insecticide on their favorite hiding places.

I can't even count how many ants and cockroaches I killed...hehehe. Aside from the surprisingly hot temperature that we have here in Manila despite the fact that it's officially rainy season, cockroaches and especially ants keeps on coming out of their nest. Sometimes even in our bedroom we got unexpected ant bites from nowhere which infuriates hubby the most.

I'm still thinking of ways to diminish the ants and cockroaches on our own. I guess its common scenario for any households to have these visitors every once in awhile. It's just plain irritating they are not the type who will be declared into extinction. Ahahaha! That will be a mystery if that happens. Next pests that will invade our homes when heavy rains started pouring in Manila will be mosquitoes. Luckily for this type of insect they died easily and they are pretty manageable compared to ants and cockroaches.

Oh well, I'm going to try the combination of insecticide spray and ants chalk if that will do the trick. I know hubby stored a few ant chalks for future use. Thank goodness we don't have humongous rats running around at our home!

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