Friday, May 22, 2009


It's been awhile since I purchased a Real Living magazine. I like browsing through the glossy pages with different home decorating ideas and do-it-yourself interior projects. That's why even in cable channels I find myself enjoying the shows such as "Look Who's Come to Decorate" or "Top Design" and the likes.

In one episode in Look Who's Come to Decorate, I've seen a trick on how you can decorate a room like a pro. The person who's in charge in interior decorating just used a sponge and a template to blot a whale design on the wall. They don't need an Atlanta Painter to do the job for them since they can handle it just fine. On Top Design, the winner was good in making crafty and original conversational pieces. He even made a chandelier out of paper plates. It's really pretty against a light bulb. No wonder the judges made a decision for him to be the winner.

For not a pro like them, hiring a painter will be the best option especially if you're not comfortable doing it on your own (like me...hehehe). Surely, I will consider this idea when it's our time to have our own sweet home. I'm not sure if painters can do murals on walls.

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Amelia said...

it's fun Jo..I've tried this once.I painted a room at my mom's house ;)