Friday, May 22, 2009

It's here

Early this morning while I'm preparing to go to Medical City for an impromptu checkup (I'll tell the story about it next week after my TVU result), I was watching the morning news and I was surprised to see that H1N1 is already here in Philippines. One reported case of a 10-yr old girl who came from USA and Canada was diagnosed with the flu.

No medical facility was mentioned (I guess to avoid panic). DOH said that they are prepared for the treatment of H1N1 regardless they advice the public to observe cleanliness and proper hygiene plus eating nutritious foods.

No wonder when I was in Medical City together with Hubby, I saw a family all wearing masks for protection.

Next Wednesday, we will be having a Flu Vaccination here in our office. I enlisted Hubby to have a vaccine as well. I just have to pay Php 380 (salary deduction) since dependents of the employees will not be shouldered by the company.

I just hope that DOH can contain the H1N1 flu. School season will start in a few weeks and it's very risky especially for students if the flu will spread like a wildfire.


Anonymous said...

juice ko..nakakatakot nga eh..

kaya kami iwas malling muna. mabuti ng safe sa bahay.

Unknown said...

Korek ka jn Thet!

Ang mga kapatid ko pa namang mga bagets di nagta-take ng Vitamin C.