Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm trying to accomplish the two job requirements from my recruiters. As much as possible I want to give them some profiles for them to work on when they report for work later.

I'm set to have my TVU later this afternoon in Medical City. Have to wait for 2 hours for the result and tomorrow I will meet my OB in her office to analyze the result of the ultrasound.

I will spill the beans soon of what happened last Thursday thus causing for an impromptu checkup last Friday and requiring me to take a half-day work for today and tomorrow.

For now, I have to finish the reks of my US recruiters before I made a dash out to the door.


Momstart said...

good luck at your appointment

Anonymous said...

hmm..lemme guess..

spotting? preggy preggy?

Unknown said...

Thanks! Ü

None of the above Thet...hehehe