Monday, May 11, 2009


I feel bad for yesterday since it's Mother's Day and I (including Hubby) was a no-show! I even promised my mother and siblings that we will be there to visit and celebrate the occasion last Saturday but thanks to my forgetfulness I left my ATM inside my jacket which is in the office. The only money left on my coin purse is Php 100 which is not obviously enough for a celebration.

I was in a bad mood and I was thinking of ways on how we can push through the plan. I considered going to the office to get the ATM but going to McKinley Hills means taking a cab and that made me nervous since I'm not sure if my Php 100 will be enough for the cab fare.

So I gave up and blame myself. I just told my sister and brother that we will celebrate the event this coming Saturday instead. Aside from that I told them that I was sorry for not coming.

In order to compensate for my mistake yesterday, I'm going to make sure that we will bring them foods to satisfy their tummies! Ü All of them are food lovers so I'm sure they will be very happy to see us with our hands full of foodies....hehehe.

As much as I wanted for us to go out and celebrate, my mother will not like this since she has this convenient store in front of the house which she needs to look after. So we will just celebrate then inside the home where I grew up.


ruther said...

ok lang yan sis..i know your mom would understand..pareho tau..ako makakalimutan kaya mdalas mawalan naman ng cell phone..eeek!

btw, ung bruhahaha na feeling uber ganda eh na one time pinag usapan natin andito na pala... LOL

Unknown said...

Hehehe. Babalik na ulit yun sa "cave" nya. Then balik ulit ng December silang buo family.

I feel guilty talaga nung Sunday...haaay...