Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Being an Electrician

This is one of the in-demand jobs that I always see on the internet. Too bad that Hubby is not in-line with this type of work. However my aunt's husband is currently an electrician and my aunt wants him to enroll in a TESDA training to have a certification just like the Atlanta Electrician where you can be assured that they are capable of anything related to fixing and maintaining everything that has something to do electrical components and electricity. Having a TESDA certificate is already an advantage once you applied for an overseas job.

I was thinking to enroll Hubby but he already told me that he doesn't want that type of job due to the demands of physical work which he cannot comfortably do after his operation last year. He prefers to work in the office. So far he has no luck with the mechanical designer position so his trying his luck on a different field and industry. My brother has the same case as my husband. The only difference is that my brother is a newly graduate but finding job nowadays can be so tough with so many people who are unemployed it's definitely a test of survival.


yen said...

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi jo, musta na ang jobhunting ng mga kababayan natin dyan?marami bang nagsasara na company?ingatz

Unknown said...

@ Meryl : Hay naku, pahirapan ang paghahanap ng work dito kaya most of the unemployed sa call center nag-aapply.

Mostly ng mga nagsasara companies sa abroad. The last time na may nagsara dito eh puro mga US companies naman.