Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Electrical Issues

Last night I went into bed early (that is around 8:30pm) since I'm so sleepy and tired of doing our groceries. About 10pm at night I was suddenly awakened because I feel cold. I'm thinking that I was having chills but the only source of the air in our room is an electric fan. Then suddenly the electricity went off. No lights and no fans. It's weird that it's not even raining and I can hear the people outside enjoying the moment of complete brownout.

Good thing that after a few minutes the electricity came back on. Thanks to the competent local electricians like the Madison Electrician that my friend in the US used to tell me. One of the advantages living in Makati especially if you're near the Barangay Hall is that you can rest assured that there's always an immediate action when there's a problem within the community.

Speaking of electricity, I just hope that our dues for this month will be lower compared last month. We seldom use our AC unit. Most of the time, we depend on our fan to cool down our room. I'm crossing my fingers that the electric company has been true to their words of charging lower rates.

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