Monday, May 4, 2009

DOTA on Vista

Hubby installed the game last night on my laptop running in Vista. I told him to set the compatibility setting of the game to XP Service Pack 2 and then he set the video settings of the game to low and that did the trick! No more screen flickering. Yehey!

Now, the problem that we have is the Diablo 2. It was working fine until Hubby installed the expansion pack which I've downloaded from the net. According to Hubby (he sent me SMS to tell me the story) the installation of the expansion pack went through just fine that is until when he tried to play the game and it didn't work. Worst part is the original Diablo 2 software can't be played as well. Probably some of the files got corrupted because of the expansion pack.

Sigh! This is what I don't like when installing a program or a game and it messes up the other games or software. Thankfully, the OS is still intact and so my other programs which I installed. The only thing that ticks me now is to exert another effort to make the Diablo 2 game up and running again. Arrrggh! I don't even play that game....

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