Thursday, May 21, 2009

Consulting Services

Working on an IT industry especially in recruitment has its perks. One of them was I gained knowledge and familiarized myself with the different technologies and skills known to programmers and techie people. So event though I'm not a programmer, I'm still in the loop on what's in and what's not when it comes to IT ;)

Working with different job orders and submitting profiles for approval means a lot of files needed to be organized. That's why our company seeks a reliable and efficient Database Services for organizing those files. Of course the conditions and requirements given by our company will be the guide for the consulting company whom we seek the service to start the Database Development that will serve its purpose in managing the files not to mention making the database user-friendly.

I'm not sure if the consulting company will use a Filemaker Pro for the database development but it will depend if our company used this before. If it does, then it will be easy for them to add some plug-ins to enhance the database and apart from that Filemaker Pro offers an e-commerce hosting. Well, I'm not exactly sure if we will need an e-commerce website since our company doesn't have any products to sell except for technical services.

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