Monday, May 4, 2009

Carpet Cleaning

Last Saturday after hearing mass, Hubby and I stopped briefly in Walter Mart Makati to check basically nothing in particular.

As usual, Hubby saw this fluorescent bulb in a hardware store that will drive mosquito away. It costs Php 300 and I told him that we can buy that item next time since our budget is enough for 2 weeks (obviously buying medicine for my treatment makes the budget got off balance).

So we j
ust continued to browse and check the items that we might need in the future. I actually had one in mind (I'm thinking about this for a long time though) and that is having a vacuum cleaner. Hubby had one but his brother gave it to his girlfriend and it was never returned which is a bummer. We could have used that vacuum cleaner instead of buying one. The reason for having a vacuum cleaner is to have the carpet in our room cleaned. I was thinking of getting a carpet cleaning service like the Atlanta Carpet Cleaning but the price may not be justifiable for us. After all, the only parts of our carpet that gets the dirty are the 2 sides which is most likely to be 1/8 portion of the whole carpet. Oh well, I have to asked Hubby first if he can just get the vacuum cleaner from his brother since technically his the legit owner rather than buying a new one.

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