Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birth of Blogging

Who would've thought that originally, a blog is meant for business purposes? I for one wouldn't know that. Thanks to the blogging history article that I read I now know the very reason for the existence of blogging. BLOG was used as a marketing tool of companies which voices out opinions and truths about the products that a company is selling. It's the cheapest alternative way for them to gather information, build relationships and managing the knowledge needed by the people on your organization.

Moreover, this information can be very helpful for the newbie bloggers like my friend and husband who both are planning to start their own blog. Aside from the in-depth explanation on how blog came to be as it is, they also provided the basic terminologies frequently used in blogging.

Nowadays, not only big companies enjoy the features and benefits of having a blog. Everyone including a person who has no job or a stay-at-home-mom can use the blog to its fullest potential whatever the intention it may serve them.

Blogging have revolutionized not only the way companies communicate and help them in their business but also on how people interact and build relationship with one another online. I guess we owe all of this to the person who first created a blog and saw its potential.

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