Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All About Beads

Lots of people are trying their hands on being crafts in order to put up a business. Some even had trainings for balloon arts, polymer clays and of course beads in order to sell the products that they created. With the help of the different seminars and workshops they attended, it helped them expand their knowledge on the crafts they've chosen and hot to succeed.

I've been to a lot of multiply sites and I might say I'm amaze on how people who's really into crafting can make good use of the simplest things and turn it into a fabulous product.

I bet this kind of accessory will be an inspiration for the entrepreneurs who are into beaded arts and crafts. The company sells Lanyards which is commonly known as "hangers" where you can use for your ID badges, eyeglasses, keys, etc. It's like a necklace with a hook or loop at the end where you can attach whatever things you wanted to put for safe keeping. What's good about them is that they offer a one year guarantee for the item that you purchase though the price of the item is less than US$20.

If I'm not mistaken, their pride and joy are the Beaded Lanyards which comes into different variation. They have everyday lanyards which is perfect for IDs and mobile phones. They have designer lanyards, sports lanyards and even novelty lanyards depending on the event or occasion that you'll be planning to wear the accessory.

They even customize lanyard as a Fundraising Jewelry. Example was a lanyard for the breast cancer awareness that I think they made for different organizations.

A lanyard will be a good idea for those looking for souvenirs or gifts for weddings, birthdays or social events. It's one of a kind plus it has a purpose that is definitely worth for keeps.

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