Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8 Things

Thanks MM and Lorna for the tag. I enjoyed answering it ;)

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

Boracay vacation in June.

- Hubby finding a job.

- My birthday!

- Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary
- Christmas (my favorite season of all time)
- Getting pregnant next year

- A whole body spa treatment (I wonder when...)

- Saving money (which I haven't achieved yet)

8 Things I Did Yesterday

- Checked emails
- Blog
- Surf the net

- Watched DVD

- Play Super Text Twist on my laptop

- Wash the dishes

- Take medicine for my polyps and Vitamin C
- Started selecting pictures for our wedding album

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

- I wish I can bake (if only I have an oven)
- I wish I can travel outside the country (that will be the first)

- I wish for more opps!

- I wish for an increase in my salary (hehehe)

- I wish we can buy a real estate property (condo unit or house & lot or both!)

- I wish to have our own business

- I wish we can have a baby this year (but it's better to have it next year for obvious reasons)
- I wish for another out-of-town travel this year after our Boracay escapade.

8 Shows I watched
- Gossip Girl

- Dr. House
- The Buzz
- American Idol

- Quickfire

- Sweet Life

- TV Patrol (for the news)
- DZMM Tele-Radyo (for general info and to keep us updated)

8 People I Tag

- Avee
- Leah
- Kero


mm said...

tnx for doin the tag

Kero said...

Hi Joanne! Good luck on your Boracay trip. My 8 answers are up too. when you have time, check here

carlamaldita said...

thanks for the tag sis..