Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10 Favorite Cities

This week's Ten on Tuesday, it's all about your favorite cities! Be it local or around the globe.

1. Manila - there's no place like home ;)
2. Paris - the romantic city which is a perfect honeymoon getaway. Sigh!
3. Hongkong - a shopping haven in Asia
4. Rome - love the arts and architecture within the city plus I'm a Catholic so I really want to have a chance in the future to visit this place.
5. New York - the city that never sleeps.
6. Los Angeles - Hollywood celebs trot around this city. Perfect for "star-gazing"...hehehe. It would be nice to be a studio audience of Ellen show and have a freebies for that day.
7. Miami - it's always summer here plus the beach is always ready for you to take a splash on.
8. London - Because of the Royal Family! Hehehehe.
9. Budapest - I saw a part of this when I was watching The Amazing Race Asia 2. It was a beautiful city.
10. Prague - Apart from Paris, this is also considered a romantic place for falling in love....hehehe Moreover, it has a lot of tourist sceneries to boot.
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