Friday, May 15, 2009

1 hour more

Sigh! A few hours ago, our recruitment manager give me a heads-up that my 'productivity' hours are below the required figure given by the US office. All employees that are billable must follow this guideline otherwise we will be sent to AIP (Associate Improvement Plan). This reminds me of the time where I was in a call center that we have a "Resolution Bay" for those agents that needs improvement with their skills.

Turns out that the required average of hours from me (and 0ther billable employees) are 150 hours. So far my average working hours is at 146 point something. Good thing I don't have any plans to go on leave this month. On the other hand, I will be having a VL next month for 2 days for our trip in Boracay. So my recruitment manager and I started calculating how many hours will be my average if I will be on leave for 2 days on June plus the Independence Day holiday. Ta-da! Average working hours is at 149.68...hehehe. I jokingly told our manager if we can contest my figure to the US office and round it off to nearest tens...ahahaha!

Anyways just to make sure that I will be able to meet the 150 hours (and to spare myself for rendering the AIP). So I made a suggestion to our manager if I can just render an additional one hour everyday. She told me that its a good idea and surely I can meet the target figure but she have to ask permission first to the Operations Manager for approval. After all what's the use of one hour work if you don't have anything to work on.

Oh well, I'd rather spent one more hour at work than going on an improvement plan as if I have a bad attitude or something. It's not my fault that there are a lot of holidays in Manila.

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