Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend that was....

----so tiresome not to mention the temperature that makes me sweat most of the time the whole day even just by simply sitting still.

My aunt bought a second hand Dell P370 workstation desktop care of my sister's company where she worked. They've been selling their 150 units to their employees and my sister had her name enlisted. Since I'm the only one (apart from hubby) who knows about the techie stuff on Dell computer (thanks for my TSR experience with Dell account) I was asked to go to my aunt's house in DasmariƱas Cavite to setup the unit and install the applications needed (no CDs installer where given together with the unit). Apart from setting up the Dell desktop, I have to install some software as well to my younger brother's laptop who happens to be Dell as well (it was a gift from my aunt, lucky him!). It was a tedious task since I have to download the Dell drivers and download some software for the PC. There are a couple of hardware and software compatibility issues that I have to work around in order to make the hardware work. Also, I have to download different versions of AVG because I'm not sure if its fate playing tricks on me but the 3 versions I've downloaded are not compatible with WinXP (which is truly outrageous since it says on the internet that it's compatible with XP).

On the process of doing a lot of stuff with the Dell desktop unit and the mini laptop of my brother sprawling on the floor, the heat of the temperature last weekend makes me want to snap on everyone that is on the house so they can all be quiet and stop fussing around with the things I've been doing. I'm so crabby yesterday and last Saturday. I even got myself a headache from worrying all about the software and hardware and the files that we have to transfer from one PC to another (which I haven't done yet).

Needless to say, I still have a lot of things to do within this week since my sister will be leaving soon for China. So it's up to me to fix everything.

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