Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vista Issue Update

Well, successfully Hubby was able to play the game Diablo II on Vista without crashing the laptop. How?

Well first we uninstall the software then I updated the graphics driver (Intel 945GM) for the lappy (Compag Presario V6000). When it's nearing the end of installation, the wizard will ask you two options for the video: DirectDraw (2d) or 3D. Instead of selecting 3D, you have to select 2D and presto!

That did the trick. We don't have to check all the boxes on the compatibility tab of the game properties. Tomorrow, we will be installing the expansion pack for this game.

Next time, it will be better that Hubby buys a lappy or a desktop for himself that is intended for gaming (that will be his primary purpose anyway). That will thrilled him inside out. Sheesh! Boys will always be boys.

Haven't tried the Warcraft yet. I wonder why Hubby didn't install it since that his "fave game" for who knows how long.

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