Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Verdict

(Gi, Con and Me)

It's official, two of my colleagues/friends will be leaving us within a month due to the continues problem in the US (recession). It all happened yesterday I was talking with a relative on the phone when out of the blue, Con waved papers in the air saying that they were given a notice (she and Gi) and even joked that they are the chosen ones.

So Rod and I are remaining "survivors" of our team . From 16 including the PM, only 2 stays in the company. This realization triggers sadness and memories flashback in my mind. Gone were the happy days that all of us noisily chattering about anything, no more fake bickering, no team lunch and dinners.

Oh well, we just have to make the most out of them remaining days that they have here. We are actually planning to have dinner and we will be inviting some of our colleagues in our team. It's bonding time...again! Ü

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