Monday, April 13, 2009

Trendy Laptop Bags

I was busy browsing the net for a laptop bag. My aunt is giving me her slightly used Compaq laptop (she only used it for YM chats and checking emails). She told me that she already upgraded the memory to 2.5GB and I can't wait to have it! Well, I just need to count 4 more days before I can touch it.

I checked the Shopcrazy website and the Gtalk forum for the trendy laptop bags available and look what I found:
Meraki Bag (Php 899)

Red Scribble (Php 799) - too bad that this is currently out of stock
Marlene Laptop bag with Sleeve (Php 2,200- Php 2,500 per set)

2-Ways Laptop Case (no idea how much it is)

Carryall in Autumn Harvest from Cuiotre (Php 650)

I so love the Meraki bag. It's budget friendly and the materials used are sturdy enough to hold a laptop. That's a good steal and the bag is trendy too!

Click the names of each bag to check their respective websites

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