Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts for the Day

As a Catholic tradition, Maundy Thursday starts the holiday for the Lenten Season. This is also the time that most people will be traveling outside the cities in Manila and spend their time either in beaches or provinces for a long-awaited vacation.

Guess hubby and I are not part of those people who are traveling. We decided to stay put in our home because first of all, we don' have to spend money during this day and on the following days. Second, I'm taking a medication for my polyps so swimming will not be a good idea for me. Lastly, hubby is not a travel person especially if it takes long hours of drive. His relatives knew that his the "home buddy" so it will be a miracle if someone can make him go out of his comfort zone. So far I'm the only one who can do that ;)

What's up on this day? Well, hubby will be doing some of our laundry while I'll be watching DVDs. I'm not feeling well right and he asked to rest but I have to check my emails and blog since tomorrow I will not be able to do it. So here I am. Later, I will cook dinner for both of us. I'm the one who's in charge of the kitchen. Before the day ends, I'm going to say a prayer for both of us, for family and friends. For thanking him in giving all of us blessings and helping each one of us to surpass each day with hope and joy in our hearts. That's the best task I'll be doing on this day.

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carlamaldita said...

kami din no travelling muna. saka na ang happy-happy after holy week