Friday, April 24, 2009

Stop Unsolicited Calls

In the US, people are very busy that most of the time when you call them during day hours you will always hear a voice mail prompting you to leave a message. Or if they are not busy, they are filtering the calls they've been getting that's why some of them requires for you to say your name or the company you represent. Through that the owner of the phone number will either accept or reject your call.

I've been to that situation so many times when I was still working in a call center. I can't blame them since sales and marketing of various companies have been calling people of all sorts for their products. Good thing that I was not a marketing/sales agent because I can't stand the idea of bugging other people offering them different products and discounts plus I'm not fit to be a sales person.

If I were on those people shoes who are receiving unsolicited calls, I will be annoyed and probably end up looking their phone numbers on Caller Wiki and have them banned for good. Just by getting their phone number I can have the information about the caller based on the number used (like the name of the company they represent and the address). The best feature about this service is that they provide an additional info that called as "call details" where it tells you the information of what the call is all about like if it's a scam or soliciting donation.

Let's see if there will be annoying or prank callers who will dare to pull up a stunt! ;)

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