Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sisters Act on Shopping

I want to share our shopping spree adventure last Saturday with my two sisses. This was actually the first ever experience that the three of us will be shopping without our brothers in tow...hehehe. First stop, we went to 168 Mall in Divisoria to buy office slacks since both of us are running low with this kind of wardrobe to wear and a gift for our little sister. It was my first time to step into the mall since going to Divisoria is a tedious task to do with so many people bustling all over the streets.

We went in the top floor of the building and look for a stall/shop that sell casual and work clothes for women. We found one and the only problem was they don't have a fitting room. So my sister and I ended up fitting our purchases in the mall's restroom (thankfully, it's clean) and I bought 2 slacks which cost Php 150 each. My sister also bought 2 slacks and 1 pant for our little sissy. Splurging money for a pair of slacks is not practical since I only wear them during office days and most of my time is spent sitting in front of the PC. After getting ours slacks we went ahead in search for our "the reward" for our little sissy who happens to be a Top 2 in the class. Another reason for me to be a proud older sister. Previously in my blog, I mentioned my little bro (who's not little anymore) for being the overall top 3 of his batch.

In search for the gift that we planned to buy, we stumble to a lot of shops offering casual clothing for women which at that time I have no interest of getting one for myself. However I encourage my sister to buy some so she can bring them to her business trip to China which is set for next week. She prefers to invest in trench coat since her friend told her that the temperature in China is still cold compared to Manila. Unfortunately, she ends up not buying anything from those shops. I on the other hand, purchased a pair of peep-toe shoe to be used for casual days.

After our Divisoria trip, we went straight to MOA which happens to be on a mall wide sale. We went straight to Maldita since my sister told me that they have slacks that have my size and what's more they only cost Php 250. Again, I end up buying 2 pairs while my sister has only one. Most of the stocks for the slacks that they have are XS and XL in size. Aside from the slacks, blouses, skirts, polos, pantsuits for women, pants for men are also on sale. I'm eyeing actually a blouse which costs Php 350 but I decided to limit my shopping expenses for that day. I'm sticking to my guns to save for this year (and still trying)...hehehe. There are a lot of people on the store. Obviously they are thrilled with the items on sale by Maldita because I am! Ü

After shopping for our clothes, it's our little sister's turn to buy her stuff. My sister planned to buy her the things that she will need for this coming school year since she will not be here when the school starts. So we bought her a bag, a new pair of shoes, undergarments and new pair of socks.

It was a tiring day but I'm happy since I got to bond with my sisters and also shop at the same time. Who wouldn't love that kind of quality time?

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