Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sin City

Also known as Las Vegas which is known for its luxurious hotel and casinos that every tourist will get hooked into once they set foot on one. Apart from these attractions, singers and magicians grace the hotels by having a show as an additional treat to its visitors.

My aunt was planning to use her Miles points to have a short vacation. I told her that instead of going to Dubai why not try going to Las Vegas instead. After all it has much to offer compared to UAE (no offense to those who are in Dubai). If I were in her shoes, I will try a complete different scenario and make the most out of it. I'm not sure if she took my advice but I hope she did. She won't have to worry about entertainment since she can buy tickets to Las Vegas shows directly online. Oh, I forgot that there's a little issue which is a companion (or a friend) to go with her. She was thinking of a friend who will also be using the Miles point and that friend wanted to go to Dubai instead because it's near and I think the cost of expenses is cheaper. Sigh! Looks like the idea of having a fabulous time in Las Vegas will not materialize...

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Euroangel said...

wow how I miss Vegas..i love it there but I have to back in Europe where I belong now in Deutschland..

i love taking pix too...thanks for the visit..happy to see yah around!!