Friday, April 17, 2009

Roof Concerns

I just found out that our apartment doesn't have a roof on it. That's why it tends to get too hot from noon till afternoon. All throughout the year we've been staying there, the only thing that protects us is pure cement. Sigh!
I just hope that our land lady will eventually have it fix by putting up a roof and getting a dependable contractor to do it just like the Albuquerque Roofer who specialized in roof repairs, re-roofs and all types of roof installation. If in case our land lady does that, I'm willing to add Php 500 or Php 1,000 to our monthly rent. I'm not sure with the other tenants who live right next to our apartment if they are okay with that idea since all of them are from the province and they are just staying on the apartment during work days. Guess they are not bother with the fact that there's no roof on our homes since they've been staying there for 3 years.

If in case that our land lady won't bother putting a roof then my husband and I just have to be patient for the time being. Once hubby found a job, we will consider moving out and looking for another place to stay.

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