Thursday, April 16, 2009


Since my younger sister and brother managed to make it to the top (almost) of their class, my other sister and I decided to give them gifts as a reward for their academic excellence in school.

For my younger sister, we gave her the Mickey Mouse MP3 Player (3rd Gen) which has a storage capacity of 2GB. We gave her the baby pink MP3 player and a couple of days ago she asked me to put additional mp3s on her player.
For my younger brother, we are giving him a Nokia 7210 (Supernova) mobile phone. CIt's still in progress and we don't have the unit in our hands since I'll be getting the mobile by subscribing to Globe's postpaid service. We just have to add Php 1,100 in order to get the Nokia 7210. Hopefully I can accomplish the form and requirements needed for the subscription within this month so I can give it to him.

I'm still beaming with pride for my younger siblings. Looks like they got the "brainy genes" from me and my sister...hehehe.
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