Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reality and Realty

It was a dream of my parents to have our own home. That was my promise to them but since I got married I can't do it anymore and I feel bad for that broken promise. Thankfully I have a sister who is willing to make that broken promise a reality!

She was assigned by their company for a project in China which will last for a year. That means that the Fluor office in China will be giving them the salary and allowances which is higher compared to their monthly earnings here in Manila. She's decided to look for a lot in Cavite as a first step in having a home that my parents and siblings can enjoy.

So far my parents didn't like the lots that my sister was considering. They want a village where there are lots of people and where they can put up a business. Maybe it will be best for my sister to look for a Realtor like the San Antonio Realtors that can provide a good customer service and excellent quality of work, I'm sure that they can find the perfect lot for my parents. Now the search for a local realtor with those kinds of traits begins now.

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