Friday, April 3, 2009


Turns out I have one in my cervix. According to Dra. Milagros Jocson (OB) the polyps that is on my cervix is small. She prescribed me Albothyl which happens to be a vaginal suppository. She gave me a heads-up that I might feel a stingy sensation inside of me when the drug is there. If in case that the pain is no longer tolerable I can stop taking the medicine.

I was expecting that I will feel pain in my "inside" once the drug is there but to my suprise I didn't felt anything except for the fact that something is inside me which is slightly uncomfortable.

One thing that was unexpected though was the vaginal discharge. It's colorless and odorless (from what I observed). Its like you peed on your sleep. Next time that I'll be taking the medicine, I'll put something in my underwear that will absorb the discharge.

Prior to the discovery of polyps in my cervix, I finally undergo pap smear as to check if there are problems in my cervical cells. I'll get the result a week after holy week since the doctors on Medical City will be on holiday.

I'm praying that the medicine will make that one small polyps go away otherwise I'm set for a biopsy and the OB will either cauterize or have the polyps remove through laser. Moreover, I hope that my pap smear result will be A-Ok.

For hubby, he will need to take the urinalysis test and ultrasound for his kidney on our next visit to check if his kidneys are healthy and that the stone is totally gone. I still need to talk to hubby in having his epidermal cyst at the lower back to remove. I'm still appalled that he opted to wait for who knows how long before he will have that cyst remove. His reason is that the cyst is not causing any problems on his body...yet. If I'm the one on his shoe I will choose to have it remove before I feel any pain due to infections. That's what the surgeon told about him. Obviously his being hard-headed.


Sarah Kirsh a.k.a SKY said...

Hi, same thing happened to me today, just came from OB

however, she did not suggest any medication but straight on D&C, I am most hesitant about the procedure.

I would want to know if a medicine is an option.
Please share what happened to your polyp, did it shrink or disappeared.


Unknown said...

Hi Sarah: It shrink but didn't disappeared. My OB said that my polyp is 1cm in size thus the reason why she didn't do the D&C.

I was planning to look for another OB this year. I don't like the OB that took care of me last year. When I talked to her she seems not that much interested and accommodating.