Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Proud Ate

...and that's ME (obviously...hehehe)!

If you notice, I was not able to post much last Tuesday and yesterday since I was in VL. Tuesday was spent having our checkup (hubby and me...will post another entry for that) while Wednesday is for the recognition event of my younger brother. We arrived in our home in Makati last night at 11pm and I'm still sleepy up to this point.

Regardless of my lack of sleep, I'm still happy when I reminisced the events yesterday. Hubby and I represented my parents for the awarding of medals/honors to the undergraduates for school year 2008-2009 of HCJM (my brother's school). My brother requested for me to be the one who will put the medal on him....awww! Sweet of him! We all thought that he will be getting one medal as a 3rd honor of their section but there's another one! And this time, it's much bigger and made me so proud of him. He was an overall 3rd honor for the whole first year (they have 2 sections of first year high school which is composed of 35 students each class). That means his Top 3 out of 70 students! (When he was in grade school, he already received honors and awards except when he was in sixth grade...err...he sort of got lazy during that time).

I'm still grinning from ear to ear whenever I recall the moment when me and my brother went on stage to get his medals (this confession made me look like a stage sister...ahahaha!).

Unfortunately, we don't have a copy yet of the picture on stage (taken by the school's official photographer). So, here are some of the pics taken from yesterday:

Me and hubby seated on the auditorium. Parents are separated from the students.

Me and my brother after the event. This was taken outside the auditorium.
I'm already wearing heels and still my brother is taller than me....

The two medals my brother received. Hopefully this will not be the last....hehehehe.

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