Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Take on Gold

When we were preparing our wedding, hubby wanted our rings to be in yellow gold. I didn't like his idea and told him that having a yellow gold jewelry is so eighties and it makes you look like you've come from a ME country (no offense to others who have yellow gold accessories, this is just my opinion).

So I suggest that we should be having white gold instead for our wedding rings (if only platinum wedding rings are available here in our country and it comes cheaper I would have opted to have one) to which he retorted that it looks like a silver and not gold. I told him that it's perfect for everyday use and snatchers will not recognize that it's a real gold since it looks exactly like silver.

I'm not going to budge with his idea of having a yellow gold wedding ring so what I did is made a research on the internet and pick photos of wedding rings that are made of white gold and a combination of white and yellow gold. After picking out the rings, I sent the pictures on his email and asked him to choose. Yeah, it's weird that he will be the one choosing our wedding rings instead of me...hehehe.

Good thing, he liked the white gold wedding ring with a bit of yellow gold and a diamond. I'm sure some of you might have seen the picture of our wedding rings in Wordless Wednesday (I think that was 3 weeks ago). I've asked the jeweler to have our rings in white gold matte finish instead of the texture that looks like silver and voila!

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Unknown said...

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