Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Lappy!

Coming over to my aunt's house in Cavite last weekend and fixing everything to setup the PCs and laptops are my second priorities. My very first was to see the laptop my aunt gaveto me! It is an HP Compaq Presario V6000. Though she used it for a year, the unit is in very good condition and almost brand new (knowing my aunt she is very careful with her things).
It's running on Windows XP Vista Basic which is new to me since I'm so much used to in XP. In a few days I'll get the hang of this OS.

It has 160GB of HD space and 2.5GB of RAM! Wooohooo! The chipset of the unit is Intel Core Duo so I have nothing to complain about this lappy except hubby since somehow there's a glitch between Warcraft (DOTA) and Windows Vista (after doing a research for hubby's sake). Good thing I don't play that game.

Got to buy the Meraki bag that I posted before in this blog. Next on the list will be the external HD.

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