Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Medicare for Seniors

How come that our government don't have this kind of medicare supplemental plans specifically for seniors like Australia and Canada government offers? My maternal grandmother's sister migrated to Australia in the mid-eighties and now she and her husband have medical expenses provided by the Australian government (luck for them). Same setup goes to the immigrants of Canada. That's why my grandma's sister visits Manila for a month or two so they can go back to Australia otherwise the benefits given to them by the government might be forfeited.

Here in Manila, the only thing that we can rely on for seniors are the Senior Citizen card for medicine, consultation, fare and purchases discounts. Then there's the government pension once they reached the age of retirement. It would be better if the government provided them with a drug plan similar to AARP Medicare Drug Plan.

How to apply to medicare part D will be the viable question to asked if in case a program benefiting the senior citizens will be implemented by the future president of our country. So far, the only city that I know that offers a lot of perks for its citizen whether senior or minor is Makati City which reminds me to avail the Yellow Card because from what I heard it is a huge help for medical expenses.

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