Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sex Offenders Lookup

Last February of this year the popularly known MySpace which is one of the Internet social network service, kicked out 90,000 registered sex offenders. It was said that MySpace used a software meant to Track Sex Offenders who have an account on their network. Kudos to them for thinking one step ahead!

Obviously not all of us has this specialized software that MySpace had. But good thing that there's a website that has a utility that can be used as a reference especially for parents in protecting their children. By simply keying your zipcode, it will retrieve the names and even photos of the sex offenders near your area. Aside from the location, you can also search a specific person by looking up using their names. The only downside is that criminals are used to chaging their names or having aliases.

Having this kind of toll on the net helps us to be prepared in our environment. Moreover, it is best to educate our children of the basic rule of not talking/entertaining strangers. Luckily, mobile phones are very handy in case of emergency but then again we will never know what can happne out there. Awareness is the best tool in protecting our loved ones from the heinous crimes that we have today.

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