Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In Demand

That's what must be our AC unit must have felt these past few days. As much as I don't want to used our air condition unit (because I'm worrying for the outcome of our electric bill), I simply can't since it's so hot in our room that even electric fan is not a match for the hot temperature that summer is bringing. Even just by simply sitting in our bed doing nothing can make you sweat. No need to walk or do a mile runs just to sweat and shed the excess pounds.

If you think about it, our AC unit is still lucky since we only used it when the temperature is hot unlike the Boise HVAC-Air-Conditioning that has dual purpose - for cooling and heating. Heating is not required since we are a tropical country and it comes naturally but the downside is that it's so hot that most of the time I always have to replenish my body fluids or else I might get hospitalize for dehydration or heat stroke.

I still like the summer season compared to rainy days season. The only thing that is good during wet season is that we don't get to use our air con unit that often unlike now. Helps to save energy and spare me from paying too much on electricity.

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