Tuesday, April 21, 2009

House Remodeling

My aunt will be coming back here in Manila by June in time for our Boracay vacation. Apart from that she's planning to fix the ceiling on her house in Cavite where my other aunt and her family is living together with my grandmother and younger brother. They started living in that house in 1987 and I've seen the way the house improved over the years up to this point when it needs a major fix.

Her initial plan was to repair the ceiling and make sure that the roof is rain-proof before the wet season then on her next visit, she will be changing the layout of the interior of the house by expanding the living room and making another bedroom for my uncle as long as her budget permits.

She's doing a research on how much it will cost her these days to hire contractors just like the Phoenix Remodeling service. Though there's an economic crisis going on, I have a gut feeling that the prices of construction and hardware supplies will still be higher compared before. I'd probably advise her to keep on saving if she wants to accomplish renovating the whole house because she will definitely spend to make it new again.

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