Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gift Ideas

Next month we will be celebrating Mother's Day then after that June comes next where we will be celebrating Father's Day. Normally we just celebrate these special days by purchasing a cake and have a small food gathering.

I was thinking of giving them something special. My sister and I can just share with the expenses. My father will probably like having a new watch for himself. Whereas my mother, I'm not sure if she will like a piece of jewelry as a gift. As far as I know my mother is not into fashion and anything that includes beautification. I should know since I lived with her for 27 years of my life and I didn't see her put accessories on her except for a headband or ponytail scrunch. When I compared my father and mother, they are different in some ways but they do have a few things in common too.

I'll just probably ask my sister for other options on giving the perfect gifts for them. I have a feeling that food treats will be the obvious choice for her.

All this talk on jewelries made me realized that I need to have a jewelry box for myself. I have a lot of pair of earrings that I need to organize on our room.

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