Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flooring Concerns

I remembered when we started fixing our apartment it was a tedious work in progress plus at that time Hubby was diagnosed with a kidney stone. I asked my father to continue installing the vinyl tiles on the ground floor of our apartment since Randiej can't do it anymore. I'm just lucky that my father is so good to me that he agreed to help and he even asked my brother to come with him so they can help me clean the place.

I don't know a lot of people in the neighborhood except for our land lady when we moved in that's why I don't know anyone whom I can asked to installing the vinyl tiles. If only I've made a research for a flooring contractor within Makati area like the Seattle flooring contractors who will take care of any type of tiles installation and repair then Hubby and my father won't have to do the tiles installation on their own.

Oh well, it's too late for that idea anyway. Good thing that the tiles are still intact after a year. I just hope and pray that it will still be on that state until next year, that is if we will still be in that apartment by 2010.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

You are lucky to have family to help you out.

Unknown said...

Yup! :) They are indeed "treasure" for keeps.