Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cell Innovation

I still need to find out what happened to the result of my Pap smear exam and the status of the cervical polyps that was diagnosed by Dra. Joscon last march 31st. Due to holy week holidays and the fact that we are not in the city last weekend my follow-up consultation will be delayed for 2 weeks (I can't go this weekend since I have my period).

I'm praying that the polyps is treated by the medicine prescribed to me and that the result of the Pap smear will be normal. With a lot of diseases discovered every year (including all sorts of cancer), it's quite scary to think that any of us is a possible target. My current worry is the cervical cancer that's why I decided to consult an OB as to know the current status of my reproductive health (just to be sure and aware).

Good thing that technology keeps on evolving and there are a lot of innovations made in the past 10 years especially in medicine/medical field. For female, there's a new technology that can potentially help us treat diseases like heart problems, breast cancer, diabetes, stroke and vascular regeneration. How? Introducing C'elle technology that allows women to preserve their own menstrual stem cells that is found to be life-saving cells. When you think about it, it's kind of gross but if you view it on a different light we carry the best medicine ever to treat these deadly diseases that have become common reasons for the mortality rate of humans around the world. The company who discovered this technology offers the C'elle kit for only $299 (less $400 off the regular price). That's almost the same price of having a HPV vaccine. The thing is you can treat other diseases buy preserving the stem cells. Not just one disease but 5 and who knows maybe more in the coming years. This is the first time that I heard something good about our monthly period!


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