Thursday, April 16, 2009

Career Change?

That is most likely will happen to Hubby since he doesn't want to do " mechanical technician" jobs like his previous work. He was leaning more to a Mechanical Designer or Design Engineer which he doesn't have the luck for the past few months his been applying to different agencies and companies. There are a lot of Mechanical Engineer positions and majority of them are for Middle East, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, etc. but all of them wants somebody who had experience working in HVAC, Petroleum, Gas and Construction which Hubby doesn't have. Really tough since I'm the one who always search and up on the job portal sites for a possible job for him.

For the time being, he will attend the English Grammar skills training conducted by a call center company in Makati which will start on Monday. The training will run for 2 weeks then after that they will get a certificate. I'm not sure if they will be absorb by that company or refer them to other call center sites but this is the best option that he has to be employed.

Right now there's no reason for him to be picky with all the retrench and lay-offs happening everywhere. Let's see the career path that awaits him after the training.

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