Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another Blog?

I have this idea during the long weekend of having another blog. But this time it will be entirely different. Instead of the general stuff I talked about my life which happens to be present in this blog, I'm planning to blog this time about my adventures in the kitchen! Yup, you heard me right. It will be cool to share with others on how I started to cook and then gradually learned a few dishes when hubby and I are living on our own. I'm so proud of myself by doing so ;)

Surely, I will get my own domain this time for my other blog and I haven't decided yet if I will be getting a web host service from the latest list of cheap web hosting providers. Up to now I haven't made a research on the difference of getting the service of blogger from the web host sites on the list. All of them offers free domain, host unlimited domains and unlimited traffic and space. It all boils down to the price and the customer service they can provide to their subscribers. I'm thinking of availing one web host for this blog. The other blog that I'm planning to create will have to take a backseat.

Maybe I should create a poll and asked my fellow bloggers on what they think is the best web host for them. So far, JustHost is the best blog hosting in the net but it seems that they lean more in Wordpress as the blogging software. Will that be a problem if I'm using Blogger?


Rosa said...

Hello i need ur help, please read my new post. I hope you can drop by


Kerslyn said...

hello sis! maganda yan na project. :-) ako nga rin, may food blog na rin...adventures in the kitchen ang title. coincidence! hehehe. anyway, if you want to get a domain, i think mas maganda ang wordpress na blogging platform for self-hosted blogs. :-)

Unknown said...

Uy, lagi tayong pareho Kerslyn ah...hehehe.

Ganun ba, then maybe I should create another blog using Wordpress kaso I'm planning to get a web host and own domain for this blog...pano na kaya...