Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm keeping up with all the stuff that I missed for yesterday. I was absent due to Dysmenorrhea early in the morning then after which I have to accompany my sister (together with my mother and siblings) to the airport. She's bound to China for work related reason (lucky her!).

Well, all of us are in light spirits when we were in Centennial 2 airport. If your going to ask if anybody cried, the answer is nobody! We don't have any drama like the typical scene you usually see at the airport. Hehehe. We will definitely miss her for sure but I guess the fact that she will be back in Manila every 4 months is already an assurance that we will see her soon. I even joked that when she's back, she will probably have a chinky eye and fair skin....har!har!har!

My sister whose name is Jerilee (Jeri) left me an excel file which has the list of all her dues/payments every month. Apart from that she left me her ATM card, forms and authorization letter. So starting May, I'll be the one who will be in charge of her financial obligations. A bunch of numbers and figures are added on my monthly computation...hehehe. Got to have a calculator handy on our home then.

Jerilee and Joanne 5 years ago...

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