Wednesday, April 15, 2009

10 Signs That You're Getting Older

For this week's Ten on Tuesday Meme:
1. Metal Rock is not pleasing to your ears anymore.
2. Picking up something on the floor without bending your knees is difficult for you.

3. You prefer drinking milk over coffee =P

4. Going to clubs and partying the night away does not appeal to you anymore.

5. Your asleep around 8-9pm.

6. You started collecting/keeping things for sentimental reasons.

7. Your form of entertainment is reading newspapers and watching TV.

8. You'd rather stay at home than traveling.
9. Your hobbies includes crocheting, embroidery and cross stitching.

10. You worry too much.


Ozzy's Mom said...

yah i agree with #10. more things to worry about when your older. hehehe

mine's up too.

Carey said...

Amen to #8! Good list!