Monday, March 16, 2009

W@W 10th Anniv

This is it, I will definitely be a part of it! I joined the group last October or November 2006 and even won some Auction items that made my wedding memorable without spending too much (photo AVP and onsite AVP).

I owe too much to this group and to w@w so when Jenki asked me to be a volunteer I wasthough I hesitant at first since my problem is the transpo but then she told me that there will be a carpool. So, it's set! I'm finally going! This will be the first for me to attend a W@W event (apart from the Burgoo EB that we had last December 2006).

Too bad that we will be 7 or 8 in our batch that will come to the party =(

I still have to ask hubby if he would like to join me (this will be tough since on this particular W@W event everyone is required to dress in formal...yikes!). Let's see if I can convince him....

(Photo Credits: Andie ni Pet - this will be the back design for the souvenir tees)

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