Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web Hosting Options

Recently when I was reading the emails of the N@Wies, one of them asked about blogging. Normally after a member in our yahoo groups answered the questions about blogging, the next to be asked will be on web hosting.

I've got various of answers from all the fellow bloggers that I've talked to. Some of them prefer getting a web host for their blog since the free blogs that almost all of us are using have limited capabilities (disk space for example). I was once decided to avail the web hosting of blogger but then I cannot be sure if that will be a perfect decision. I'm still in limbo and I have so many plans for my blog (changing the layout, having my own domain, etc.).

Others are leaning to Go Daddy while some have other web hosting choice in mind. When I was checking as of today for the best host, turns out it's the Just Host that is leading. It offers that cheapest price with a free setup and unlimited storage/data transfer. What's more you can get your money back anytime! No wonder they came in the first. There are other 9 web hosting providers (Go Daddy is one of them) and the website that I'm viewing provides a detailed comparison of each web host from one another. A fellow blogger like me can make a decision right there and then just by viewing the reviews about the web hosts.
I might as well start reading the review for the best host and decide for the future of my blog.

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