Tuesday, March 24, 2009

wa-wa-wa-W@W (part 3)

(last part.....promise!)

Apart from the the much awaited Supplier of the Year 2008 announcement, some of the highlights for that night was the Star of the Night Awardee for a male and female supplier and W@Wie couple. Since Jenki and I are not a W@Wie anymore, definitely we are not qualified. Then on our table, there are 2 W@Wie couples whom Jenki made friends to last January namely JJ ni Gina and Erwin ni Odeng . I decided to vote JJ and Gina since they love to have the iPod. I think Jenki voted them as well. For the male supplier I voted Jayson Arquiza and for female was EJ Belen Litiatco (can't think of any at that time).

The winners were: Jason Magbanua (Male Supplier) and ??? -> forgot the name of the Female Supplier who won...sorry...

W@Wie couple: JJ and Gina (Surprise!) Not even sure who are the other people who voted for them but Benz says they're names are the ones coming up on the paper ;)

The winners got a big Teddy Bear and an iPod. JJ and Gina were stunned when they got back to our table. I heard JJ telling Gina that she can have the teddy bear while he will be the keeper of the iPod. Hehehehe.

On with the party details, Bob Nicolas created videos for the presentation for the Supplier of the Year. I was rooting for Jayson Arquiza since his so good in taking pictures and a lot of W@Wie couples loved her. But to my surprise, it was none other than Cecilio Abad! He was crying when his name was announced and the crew of Teddy Manuel came to his table and hugged him since his the one who made their corsets for their dance number. Definitely his overwhelmed and happy. In fairness to the suppliers who made it to the Top 5, they definitely deserve the award. If only all of them can take home the award.
Congrats Cecilio Abad!

Just as we thought that the program is over, we have a special guest that really caught Hubby's attention. Nope, it's not a sexy actress but it's the Kamikazee band! Randiej didn't like the lyrics of their songs but his eyes got entertained by the band's front man Jay Contreras. He was telling jokes and dancing around while singing. He loves to move a lot on the stage. For audience impact, it's 101% hands down.
The band played 5 songs and I thought they were the only ones who were there in the party. Turned out that Jay's wife, son and MIL are there too! They tried one photobooth and then Jay got busy with some of the male guests asking him for a photo souvenir from one photobooth to another. I can saw Sarah checking out the photos on the W@Wies wall together with their son. Her mother is right beside her. Awww! I bet that Sarah might have checked weddingsatwork during her wedding preps ;)

Jenki, Randiej and I were waiting for our transpo so we decided to have one more picture taken by the "Roaming Photographer" as I labeled him. You can easily recognize him since he has two small printers at his back (I called them mini washing machines...hehehe). Here's the photo:

This photo is Jenki's concept

I did enjoy myself that night...food, photobooths, AVPS, special numbers, Kamikazee and the giveaway(s) to commemorate the event. Aside from the dessert buffet from Joy San Gabriel (they were all so yummy!) they also have a cake buffet for all the guests that evening. We manage to take home a mini cake from Sugar Box, a cupcake from Judy Uson and a huge slice of Virginia cake (thanks to Jenki for getting our share).

We arrived in our apartment at 1:30am and before I went to bed, I took a quick snap of all the stuff that I got from the W@W party:

(lots of photobooth printouts...I didn't include the umbrella that we got as a prize for being an early bird...the umbrella has the printed website of Paul Vincent)

(Giveaway - Silver Commemorative Coin)

That sums up my story for last Friday's event.

Let's see if we can make it to this year's W@W Christmas Party =)


AEC said...

wow! ;) ay, W@W pala dapat. saya naman ng party. thanks for posting your kwento. ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks Mandy! Wish you were there as well para madami tayo :)