Tuesday, March 24, 2009

wa-wa-wa-W@W (part 2)


At 6 pm Jenki, me and Randiej went to the restroom to dress up for the event. Good thing that Clarice and her team closed down the Fernbrook grounds and have it off-limits from the couples. Otherwise, the restrooms will be jam packed...hehehe.

7pm the program is supposed to start but there are only a few guests at that time so for the meantime, cocktail is officially opened. We didn't lounge for long on the cocktail tables instead we invaded the photobooths. They were 7 photobooths and one of them is owned by Jayson Arquiza (Smiles Photobooth) ;)
Some of the soft copy is not yet up on the respective websites of the other photobooths that's why I only have 2 of them. Jenki is obviously enjoying making faces and acting up on the camera.

8pm program as Ash Ungson and Missy Ferrer grace the stage as the hosts for the evening. Dinner buffet was opened for the guests and suppliers. Afterwhich, the Top 10 Supplier for the Year 2008 were introduced through the video that was shown last January in W@W Videofest. Kudos to Jason Magbanua! They were given trophies by Benz and John together with Kite.Then the Top 10 was trimmed down to Top 5. They wereJayson Arquiza, Threelogy , Atty. Raymond Fortun, Josiah's Catering and Cecilio Abad.

Presentation by Teddy Manuel and his troops was awesome! I didn't recognize Teddy with the hair extensions and the make-up. Check out the photo below and guess where Teddy Manuel is....hehehe.

Us at Table 9...
(L-R) JJ, Gina, Odeng, Erwin, Jenki, me and Randiej

After the Single Ladies performance of teddy manuel and crew, the W@W Gall of Famers were given recognition and throphies. The Hall of Famers were the Supplier of the Year from 2002-2207 - Alex Franco, Jason Magbanua, Veluz, Paul Vincent and Mimi+Karl

Another group presentation came from representatives of the Philippine Association of Wedding Planners . The guy who portrayed the bride is funny..

looks familiar? Ü

After their performance the members of the PAWP gave a recognition to Benz and John for creating Weddings at Work website. Wooohooo!

(to be continued...)

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