Tuesday, March 24, 2009

wa-wa-wa-W@W (part 1)

I know that this entry is a little late (3 days to be exact) but I'm having trouble on where to begin...

Let's see... I'm going to make this the first part of my story when hubby and I attended the 10th Anniversary Party of W@W. As much as I wanted to make it brief, I just simply can't...hehehe.

Randiej and I volunteered to help Jenki with the wall of W@Wies/N@Wies and good thing we did! Jenki needed a help since her throat operation is not totally healed. So me and hubby are her guardian angels for that day ;)

Last Friday at around 10:30 am we meet-up in The Fort Strip so we can go together in Fernbrook Gardens. It's our first time going in Fernbrook and we're surprised that it's a little bit far. Good thing Jenki has a transpo. We arrived at the place at 11am. Clarice team and other suppliers are pretty busy.

Here are some photos taken during the preparation for the party (click the photos to enlarge)...
It was hot since the dome is not completely covered. Instead, it was a transparent plastic so the heat of the sun is passing through it. I can just imagine how the suppliers exceeded effort and patience in preparing the event.

Display of gowns are already set-up when we arrived...

With the help of Ronald (Balay Kandila) and his staff we were able to setup the photos of w@wies and n@wies alike and made into two sets of walls for everyone to see...

I think we were done by 1pm so Clarice asked us to have our lunch in the crew meal tent (yeah, we were considered as a supplier...hehehe). At the same time, afternoon prenup is ongoing. There were few couples who arrived on the place, hopping from one photographer to another. After lunch, we went down to the pond where the Fernbrook office is located to cool down.

It was really hot that day and we just need a place who can provide us a shelter from the sun's rays. After some time, Jenki got dizzy (who wouldn't with that kind of heat) so she asked one of the guards in the office if we can stay there for her to rest. Good thing the office staff are friendly and accommodating. They let us in the office where it's air conditioned and have plush sofa...hehehe. They even gave us a cold iced tea to drink. Aaahhh.. Refreshing. We stayed in the office until 4pm when the sun's heat is not harmful anymore.

More couples arrived for the free pre-nup. Some even brought props and 2 sets of clothes for the pictorial. I was surprised to see the baby girl of Clarice in Fernbrook. She was behave and I never heard her cry. Also, she's used to seeing a lotof people that when you approach and play with her, she will smile at you not like the other babies who will cry since they didn't know you. Too bad I didn't grab Jenki's picture of Gia with her mom Clarice.

At 5pm, Clarice and her crew asked the couples to leave the Fernboork grounds since they will be closing it in preparation for the party. Luckily Clarice considered as a supplier so we stay put on the vicinity. Time to dress up!

(to be continued....)

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